we want to advise you of the additional measures we are taking to Care for our customers and employees. Our priority during these unprecedented times is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and our team while providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience.   We have enhanced our procedures to ensure we have the highest Health, Safety and Hygiene practices in our restaurant, in line with WHO, HSE, FSAI, HSA guidelines and Government directives.

We will continue to monitor and update these controls as new directives are introduced while taking into consideration customer feedback.

1. Physical Distancing

Guests will be advised to practice the recommended physical distancing from groups of people not in their party while entering, exiting, and moving around the Restaurant. Restaurant tables and other physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate recommended distancing is adhered to.

2. Hand sanitiser/Hand Washing

Hand sanitiser dispensers will be placed at key points, such as restaurant entrance/exit, outside toilets and at staff service stations as well as on all tables. Dedicated PPE bins will be located throughout the restaurant. All our staff will wash their hands with bacterial soap (for at least 20 seconds) at regular intervals while on duty and in addition they will use hand sanitizer each time they use shared products or equipment.

3. Information and Signage

There will be health and hygiene reminders throughout Amicus including physical distancing floor markers.

4. COVID-19 Training

All employees have received training on COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols as well as re-training in Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and Customer Service.

5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Appropriate PPE will be worn by employees based on their role, responsibilities, and duties. Employees will receive training on proper use and disposal of PPE.

6. Cleaning and Hygiene Practices

We will sanitize all areas of the restaurant frequently throughout the day, including, Handrails, Doors, Door Handles, Counter Tops and Toilets. Our team will adhere to enhanced cleaning schedules in all front and back of house areas and will continue to follow strict HACCP procedures.



Reservations can be made by phone – (021) 4276455, on our online system https://amicusrestaurant.ie/make-reservation/ or by email info@amicusrestaurant.ie. We will stagger arrival times to facilitate social distancing. Your reservation confirmation will include a link to the appropriate menu for the time of your booking so that you can use this on your mobile phone to order in the restaurant. If you decide last minute that you would like to dine with us, please telephone us on your way to the restaurant and we will make a reservation for you.

In line with government guidelines each reservation will be allocated 1 hour and 45mins. We will not be able to facilitate waiting for tables in the restaurant and can only seat your party when all guests are at the restaurant therefore, we ask that you all arrive together.

We will take a contact name and telephone number for the lead guests at each table dinning us and ask that you note the details of the guests in your party for contact tracing purposes, in the unlikely event that it should be required.


We have reduced our menus, ensuring we have retained popular items, to facilitate as much physical distancing as possible for our back of house team. Menus can be viewed online using your mobile phone camera or QR reader, single use menus or menus that can be cleaned will be offered. We have replaced condiments with individual one-use ramekins or sachets. All tables and chairs will be sanitised after each guest has left. All service staff will wear face coverings.

9. Payment

To ensure ease of movement in and out of the restaurant and to facilitate physical distancing all bills must be settled at the table therefore split bills will not be possible. We will however be able to accept several payment types for the bill. Contactless payment is encouraged where possible, credit machines will be wiped with an antiseptic wipe after each use if contactless is not possible.

10. Toilets

We will operate a one in one out system in our toilets. Hand sanitising units will be located outside toilets with signs requesting guest to use it on entering and exiting the toilets. We request that all children under the age of twelve are accompanied by an adult to the bathroom. Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised frequently throughout the day; they will be closed during this process and staff will wear PPE while carrying out this duty.


Our team are committed to making you will feel welcome and to ensuring you have an enjoyable experience in Amicus while we adhere to the recommended guidelines.

We very much look forward to seeing you soon!